3 Simple Conference Planning Tips

26 Jul

Planning a successful conference is a lot of work, especially if the conference spans multiple days. There are a lot meals to plan, accommodations to consider, not to mention the actual conference presentation. With so many small details to worry about it, it easy to overlook the more obvious elements that make a conference a success.

Here are three things I think are essential to any successful conference:

  1. Make sure attendees can see the slide show. Close windows and dim the lights so there is not a reflection on the screen. Also, make sure the seating arrangement makes it easy for attendees to see the screen. Guests should not have to duck down, crane or tilt their neck in order to see the screen. Sit in various seats before guests arrive to make sure everyone will be able to see no matter where they sit. You want to make it easy for guests to pay attention. They will quickly lose interest if they can’t see the presentation.
  2. Start on time. Conferences usually start early in the morning and if you are not prepared and ready to go on time, guests will think why did I have to get here so early?
  3. Get attendees up and moving. Guests will get sleepy and bored if they are sitting in the same seat all day. Have smaller workshop sessions in different rooms and interactive activities planned throughout the day. It will help make the conference more memorable for attendees and help them retain the information long after the conference is over.

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