Easy Ways to Recognize Corporate Sponsors at Your Next Charity Event

19 Jul

Corporate sponsors are the backbone to any charity event. Without their support there would be no event. Therefore, it is essential that you give your sponsors the proper recognition they deserve. Here is a list of easy ways to recognize sponsors at your next charity event:  


Including sponsors’  logos in your event program is easy and does not cost anything if you are already printing a program. Feature the presenting sponsor prominently on the cover. List all the sponsors on a sponsor thank you page towards the beginning of the program rather than the back. By thanking them in the earlier pages it will show just how much you value their support. In addition to listing the sponsors include a thank you note to them written by the event organizer or the president of the organization. It will make the thank you seem more personal and genuine.  


If you have nametags at your event include your presenting sponsor’s logo in the bottom corner. This is another great way to recognize your sponsors and not have to spend a penny.  


If you are hosting a cocktail party, purchase  napkins personalized with your sponsor’s logo. Personalized napkins are surprisingly not that expensive; personalized cocktail napkins can be purchased for as little as $7.50 per 50 pack. Give the napkins to the bartender to use when handing out drinks, stack some on cocktail tables, and place them near the appetizer table. Guests will be surprised by your attention to detail and your sponsors will be delighted with all the recognition you are giving them.  


If your event involves tables, most likely you will have centerpieces. Use the centerpieces as an opportunity to thank your sponsors. If you like candles, imprint your sponsor’s logo on the votive. If your prefer flowers put the company’s logo on the vase. You can also incorporate something that represents the company into the actual floral arrangement.  For example, I attended an event sponsored by Goodyear; they placed a balloon Goodyear blimp among the flowers.  


Gobos project light in a pattern. You can get gobos made in the shape of your sponsor’s logo and project the image in your event’s dining room, check in area, or even on the front of the building for a dramatic effect. Gobos are a very elegant way to recognize your sponsors.  

Other ways I have seen sponsors recognized at an event: 
  •  company logos imprinted on lamp shades
  • gift bags and giveaways with sponsor’s logo
  • logos on beach balls at a fashion show at a resort’s pool
  • red carpet picture backdrop with company logos

Figuring out ways to thank your sponsors does not have to be stressful and expensive. Think about things you will already have at your event and see if you can add your sponsor’s logo to them. Your sponsors will love all the recognition and be begging to sponsor next year’s event! 


Photos Courtesy of J Group Media 

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