Make Your Guests Happy Before They Even Arrive

2 Jul

Make Event Easy for Guests to Find

Whether you are planning a backyard BBQ with 20 guests or an elaborate gala for 300 guests, it is important that your event is easy to find. If your guests get lost, they will have a poor attitude and perception of the event before they even arrive.

Tips to make your event easy for guests to find:

  • Include detailed directions to the event venue in the invitation, send an e-mail to all guests with directions, and/or post directions on your event’s website. If everyone is coming from a similar area, include how long it will take guests to travel from there to the event. Exaggerate the driving time by 5-10 minutes to help guests arrive on time.
  • If getting to the event location requires guests to weave through halls and climb stairs, use signs with arrows to guide the guests to the festivities.
  • Mark the venue is some way so guests know they have arrived at the correction location. If it is a casual event you can use balloons. If it is more formal you could have a beautiful welcome sign perched on an easel.  This will not only identify the venue to guests, but also make them feel welcomed.

Provide Guests with Detailed  Info Prior to the Event:

Information you should share with guests before event day:

  • Parking: map of parking lot, style of parking (self park, valet), any fees associated. No one wants to show up without cash, later to find out they have to pay $3 for parking
  • Dress code: Prevent your guests from feeling anxious about what to wear. Describe the dress code and style of the event in detail so guests know exactly what they are expected to wear.
  • Food: Guests like to know what type of meal they will be served. By letting your guests know ahead of time that you are just serving appetizers, they will plan their meals for the day accordingly, rather than showing up expecting dinner, only to be grumpy and hungry the rest of the night.

Your guests will appreciate the time you took to help save them time, and arrive happy and ready to celebrate!

Make sure guests do not get lost trying to find your event.

One Response to “Make Your Guests Happy Before They Even Arrive”

  1. leadguitarpr July 2, 2010 at 3:01 pm #

    Love this post! Great advice, Shannon!

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